Floris “Swiftly” Bordewijk

After a long, long career of never finishing a single story, and a brief foray into smutty poetry (it’s a long story), Swiftly has finally discovered the joy of the short story: long enough to explore a fresh bout of misery, but short enough to actually finish. Since mastering the art of the Statement, he has been more productive than ever, and has even gained the confidence to write a bio about himself in the third person.

Catch him writing about all the tales of pain, anxiety, and sadness that land in the mailbox of the Manchester Paranormal Collective, and secretly writing self-insert AU fanfic of every YA franchise in existence on the side. It’s called selfcare.

His current writing credits include penning Bare, and helping edit any script he can get his bony hands on. More is always on the way.

Swiftly's contributions: